Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Early musings on Twitter

I've been putting off signing up to Twitter for yonks, because the 140 character limit always seems a bit vapid and pointless. However, one of the requirements for my Social Informatics paper was to use Twitter for some of the class activities, so I set up a Twitter account in November.

Although I still take three or four attempts to draft a tweet under the character limit, I have to admit getting a Twitter account was a pretty solid decision. I've found heaps of brilliant groups within the international archives and museum communities, who share some quality ideas.

  • Kids in Museums (@kidsinmuseums) and Teens in Museums (@TeensInMuseums) do pretty much exactly what they say on the tin. Lots of interesting ideas about community involvement. 
  • Museum hour (@museumhour) happens every week (on Tuesday mornings, NZ time), and uses the #museumhour hashtag to connect museum professionals from around the world as they discuss a particular topic relevant to the museum sector. The first museum hour I looked at was about volunteers - plenty of great insghts!
  • R.L Ripples (@TweetsofOld) tweets funny or interesting extracts from old newspapers. Over Christmas they tweeted kids' letters to Santa from the late 19th and earth 20th centuries. I'd love to see someone do the same concept with Papers Past!
  • Curatorial Cats (@CuratorialCats) is the home of the Museum Cats trend, which I've written about before. The best time for pictures of cats from museum collections is (the aptly named) #MewseumMonday
  • Pretty much any time the NZ museum and archive twitterati get into a Museum Cats showdown is pure gold. Sit back with the popcorn. 
  •  Archive Cake (@ArchiveCake) tweets pictures of the cakes enjoyed by archivists around the world (presumably in the staff room, far away from the archive itself). Sometimes they're cakes that look like something historical or are made from an historical recipe. Sometimes they're just delicious.

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