Monday, 27 October 2014

Diploma update: kittens! Also mild ranting.

I have discovered a magical magical thing of wonder on the internet this weekend. Where was this five years ago? It could have saved hours and hours of procrastination!

It is Written? Kitten! And it is a thing of beauty.

It works like this: instead of your boring old Word doc, you type your assignment into Written? Kitten! and every hundred words you are rewarded with a new picture of a kitten. It's a neat way to get around the age old problems of giving yourself a small motivational reward whenever your assignment reaches a particular milestone - I have a tendency to reward myself after half a paragraph with a quick scroll though Facebook, only to come back several hours later and realise I could've finished the whole assignment in that length of time.

My final two assignments of the semester are due on Wednesday. The Archives Management one is effectively a last edit and few formatting changes away from completion, but I'm struggling a bit with the Records Management one and I think it's a fair few kittens away from the finish line. After Wednesday, I'll have a break until the summer semester begins in November.

I was intending to do Project Management, one of my compulsory papers, over the summer, but I was informed the other day that I don't meet the prerequisite. I'll do Social Informatics, one of my electives, over summer instead. I was a bit annoyed about Project Management - for my History degree, meeting the prerequisites for compulsory papers usually involved doing something reasonably easily achieved elsewhere in the degree structure. I did a third year NZ History paper, for example, where the prerequisite was to have studied NZ History in second year, which was pretty easily achieved. For the Project Management prerequisite, I need to be familiar with a particular bit of software. This would be fine if it was software introduced earlier in the diploma's structure, but it's kind of reared up suddenly as a totally new beast. Initially I'd assumed familiarity with this software was something I could quite happily achieve in the break before semester begins, but I'm told this won't be sufficient depth of knowledge. Seems a bit unfair, particularly as two thirds of the diploma are specific compulsory papers.

Anyway, by the end of summer, academically speaking, I'll be at the halfway point of the diploma!! Quite an exciting prospect. Especially if kittens continue to be involved.

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