Thursday, 4 September 2014


I've had an interesting week:
  • On Sunday we had The Treasury's AGM. I'm looking forward to my first committee meeting next week!!!
  • On Tuesday (thanks to some sweet sweet Youth Development funding from TCDC - cheers for that!) I went back over to the Tron for the day for a brilliant course on managing volunteers, with Volunteering Waikato. It's so awesome to have the opportunity to go to stuff like this, especially so early in the piece (as I have no volunteers to manage at present). The course was about 'challenging' behaviour from volunteers and how to handle it without making the volunteers feel undervalued - heaps of good advice for managing any sort of relationship, really, not just a manager/volunteer one. I'm looking forward to heading back in November (fingers crossed) for another Volunteering Waikato course on retaining volunteers. Top notch stuff.
  • Following on from the Youth Development funding, I've been commandeered onto a working group on youth volunteering. Early days yet, but I'm interested to see where this leads.
  • The archive was donated a huge box of documents the other week, which I helped sort yesterday. I'm suddenly extremely aware of what a 'hands-on' job being an archivist is - these records were filthy!!! Insects, mouse damage, dust and grime, rust damage... you name it, it was in this box somewhere. A lot of it was too damaged to save. It really showed me how differently people value these sorts of records: someone at some point thought they were valuable enough to save; someone else has thought them valuable enough to keep but not enough to preserve, sort and store safely; a third person has thought them important enough to donate for us to preserve; and now we've had to weed through them and sort what's relevant to our collection and what's savable as far as our limited preservation techniques can afford.

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