Monday, 8 September 2014

Internet this week

These two articles on embarrassing failures in history and true stories cut from films for being to unrealistic are worth a look. Both aren't new to the internet this week, I must admit, but they're great articles highlighted this week as #CrackedClassics.

Genealogy on Facebook is an absolutely monster list of, as the name suggests, genealogy groups and pages on Facebook. It's pretty squarely focused on American groups, but there's plenty to look at from all over the world.

This article from The Guardian about digitisation in libraries made for interesting reading. Prague Post's similar article on the Czech National Library's digitisation project is worth reading at the same time.

I absolutely love the idea behind the British Museum's Teaching History in 100 Objects. 
There's something brilliant about touching an object that's hundreds of years old, that gives you a very real and physical connection with people who used those objects.

Also, I laughed at this link on When You Work At A Museum. A lot.

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