Saturday, 16 August 2014

This week on the internet

The internet is full of exciting things. I shall try to contain my excitement to one post a week.

I found Embracing Digital Culture for Collections by Sarah Powell  on Museums Aotearoa really interesting this week (shout out to EMPNZ - Emerging Museum Professionals New Zealand, on Facebook for originally posting). It looks at digital culture at MTG Hawke's Bay. I'm on the look out for different kinds of online engagement within the GLAM sector at the moment - both through social media and digitisation projects - and this gave me some food for thought.

On the subject of digitisation - a friend of mine is currently on a gap year in Washington DC, and she sent me a link to this sweet sweet digital volunteer project at the Smithsonian.  Anybody anywhere, with a decent internet connection and a willingness to squint at old-timey handwriting, can partake in this transcription project of actual primary sources from the Smithsonian's various incredible collections. It makes me extremely happy.

Still at the Smithsonian, the nerdy Twitter trash talk between Smithsonians, as highlighted by WYWAAM, has got to be one of the funnier things I've read online this week.

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