Monday, 25 August 2014

Hamilton adventure and last week on the internet

Yeah, I know, I was a bit slow of the mark last week. I just spent a fabulous Sesqui weekend in Hamilton, and consequently lacked the computer hardware in my hotel room for a decent bit of blogging.

I must admit I was a little disappointed by Hamilton's efforts to mark its Sesquicentennial. Yesterday marked 150 years since the 4th Waikato Militia landed in Hamilton, and the occasion was marked with a large civic ceremony, a Mods concert, some nice new street flags and not an awful lot else. Admittedly the anniversary was marked better than other Waikato War anniversaries earlier in the year, but I feel like there could have been so much more. It's as though Hamilton's celebratory plans for this weekend has all hinged on the ill-fated civic anniversary ball, and they hadn't quite filled the void in time.

In saying that, there was plenty more going on if you knew where to look. My bus timetable meant I missed Waikato Museum's Hamilton Stories CBD History Walk, but I know it was utterly brilliant (though I'm a tad biased - I was behind the museum's Hamilton Stories tours up until June). I did get the chance to check out the new exhibition Survey Hamilton while I was there, though - it was a fascinating look at everyday Hamilton in the 21st century. I particularly liked the portraits of people in town at 2 in the morning. Also good was the Waikato Times' efforts to mark the date (brilliant anniversary magazine!!!), and that one street performer who stood opposite Captain Hamilton in Garden Place on Saturday night and pretended to be a second statue.

I'm hoping the second push of sesqui events in November (150 since the first European women arrived at the settlement) will have more of the promised pizazz. Things look hopeful. Perhaps it'll be another good excuse for me to venture back to the Tron for a few days.

Anyway, here's my belated weekly roundup of GLAM on the interwebs:

This Museums Aotearoa blog post on support services for the GLAM sector was well worth the read, just as a reminder of who can help any green GLAM newbies find their feet.

I stumbled across Over the Net last week. Their blog post on exhibitions which deserve a repeat showing was food for thought.

Still thinking about Hamilton - I'm a huge fan of Love the Tron, and I appreciated this list of Hamilton Tweeters to watch. I particularly liked their Sesqui-inspired musings on how the people of Hamilton's history might have used Twitter. The bit about hashtags and collective memories sparked my imagination a bit, too.

For those of you who prefer your museums to be a bit more traumatic, I found this fascinating but graphic article on  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Feel free to recommend me some new archive or history blogs or websites - I'm always on the look out!!

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